AR-VR eLearning Solutions

Creating VIRTUAL Experiences for REAL WORLD

With industry-leading partner in VR space who has over 20 years of immense expertise in the field of graphics and software solutions, VK Creative Learning is Best AR-VR eLearning Solutions and proving to be the global player in designing and developing learning solutions using AR / VR techniques. We can build unique AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) learning products for education, healthcare, and corporate entities. AR-VR eLearning Solutions

Our solutions are developed where computer simulates and displays an environment through which we can walk and interact with objects and simulated people. We create a virtual environment trying to replicate the real world, both in appearance and in the way that objects behave. This helps the learner to understand the learning outcomes effectively, and apply the learnt concepts in real life situation. There are many types of VR implementations and below we have listed 4 common setups:

  • Desktop VR (Monoscopic or Stereoscopic)
  • Immersive VR (HMD, CAVE, wide screen)
  • Collaborative Systems
  • Mixed or Augmented Reality

What makes our AR and VR solutions unique?

We engineer interactive and immersive AR / VR / MR experiences using, Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), Augmented Reality Markup Language (ARML), UNREAL ENGINE (UEA), and other software’s and technologies

Through our unique 3D learning solutions in schools and higher education, students can actually be transported to a virtual world or to a virtual lab, reducing classroom disruptions and making learning quite engaging

We can create your customized AR/VR learning solution using information from CD/DVD, videos, images, PPTs, word document, and informative written notes

Irrespective of any VR/AR headsets, (Oculus Rift,MS Hololens etc.)our experts provide custom 2D / 3D graphics and animations design, with integration of audio, video that can create interactive and immersive learning experience for you

Our Virtual and Augmented 3D videos, games, activities, and simulations encourage intuitive understanding, bringing learning to life with a plethora of real life details

With increasing demand of AR/ VR solutions in education, our Augmented and Virtual reality solutions can reap you the benefits of the virtual world at 40% to 50% less developmental cost

OurAR and VR Solutions

We develop AR and VR solutions for schools, institutes, healthcare, organizations,medical,pharma, and engineering sectors. We create Visual Storyboard; K-12 curriculum based AR & VR apps; product oriented apps; 3D graphics; 3D animations, and game based learning apps.

Our expertise on redesigning technologies: